Fancy a sci-fi-looking tablet with Ubuntu aboard? Of all the operating systems, this is the one that we see the least on tablets nowadays and it’s a shame, since it has quite a lot of fans. Android is being used on more and more devices, that can be considered a bit of a triumph, since it’s related to Linux after all…Well, here we have the Ubuntu-based tablet SDG Systems Trimble Yuma.

This device is a redesign of a Windows 7 business tablet from the same company, but with updated specs. The hardware includes a 7 inch display, 1.6GHz Atom processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 32GB or 80 GB SSD and extra consumer/business oriented features. These include GPS, dual cameras, SDHC and ExpressCard slots. The Yuma actually looks decent in comparison with other ruggedized hardware we’ve seen lately, since it comes with magnesium alloy case, that makes it look a bit sci-fi.

This model is dust and water resistant, it meets the US Military Standard for durability and it has a killer price to go with all these specs: $3695. This unit is dubbed as an indestructible tablet with an unique OS, but it’s not affordable at all, so you’d better hold out for the Spark tablet, that’s also supposed to run Linux, but in the more affordable price range.