It would be interesting to know just how many of the millions of tablets sold during Black Friday had Windows on board. In the meantime, we get to watch a new ad for a product that features this OS, Dell Venue 8 Pro.


The slate is shown being used on a plain for quick productivity on the go actions. The idea is that you can’t achieve the same degree of productivity with Android or iOS in tight spaces. Well, at least the ad is decent enough not to make comparisons with the iPad and Android slates, unlike some older videos.

The Dell Venue 8 Pro is a Windows 8.1 slate, that packs an Intel Atom Z23740 processor, a quad core setup with up to 1.8 GHz frequency. There’s a 5 MP rear camera and microSD card slot on board, as well as Dell Active stylus support, with support for handwritten notes and conversion to text. Dell Venue 8 Pro supports a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and uses 2 GB of RAM.