Dell has a new 2 in 1 device out, one that’s pretty massive and heavy, which is kind of atypical for a hybrid. Dell Inspiron 7000 is its name and it’s a 17 inch machine, pictured below.


Interestingly, Dell didn’t detail its size in the press release and it also didn’t mention it on, but seeing how the 15 inch version of this product weighs almost 5 pounds, it’s very likely that the 17 incher will have a similar or bigger weight. That means it could tip the scale in the same way as two 13 inch ultrabooks. The idea of a 17 inch tablet doesn’t exactly sound very portable, so it’s more of a multimedia viewing and binging device. The device also has a tent mode and tablet mode, plus it brings a Full HD screen, Intel Core Skylake CPU, 16 GB RAM and there’s also a HDD and SSD storage option. The Inspiron 7000 has an infrared camera, which is Windows Hello compatible. Of course it runs Windows 10.