Although for a while there it looked like Microsoft was losing partners on account of Windows RT and Windows 8’s lack of success, there are a few believers that stand by those products. Those include the company Dell, that has already announced a few interesting products.

XPS 10 Tablet Computer

Meanwhile, Microsoft is preparing to release Windows 8.1 on October 18 and Dell’s vice chairman recently took the stage to talk about his optimism related to the OS. He praised the Windows security and management abilities and claimed that the platform could become top dog in the enterprise PC industry. Clarke also said that Dell has plans for a few Windows-based tablets in the second half.

Sources from the upstream supply chain are talking about an 8 inch Windows-based slate in the second half, targeted at the enterprise market, plus a 10.6 inch Windows tablet with a Core i and Atom processor. I have a feeling that Dell will become a go to partner for Microsoft, if HP continues to dabble in Android as they do now.

  • Clive Mclean

    I really like windows 8 and think its one of the few right things MS has done in the last five years. I bought my wife a HTC windows phone for her birthday in May and as soon retired my android phone for a cheaper Nokia. The windows tiles are super cool, clean and ultra manipulative. That they now have almost all the major apps shared by android and iOS is testament to their speedy growth and traction. I believe they should abandon the RT platform because it does nothing good for their image or anything practical business wise. The price points of RT devices are non more attractive to the masses and people who sacrifice to acquire it will be torn and devastated by its limitations that MS will only end up alienating them for good. Stop being pigish MS and get rid of RT or be forthright with a comparative chart chart – this is what Windows can do, these are the limitations inherent in RT. I’m a little ashamed to see the company that stood by me through 7 Xbox 360 consoles becoming something of a scam artist. Don’t these guys get how much this fiasco is damaging there image?