The Cube iWork8 is a slate that we’ve heard about for a while, but not very long, to be honest. This model is in the news again, this time through a price drop, reaching as little as $114. The Cube device has 2 GB of RAM and it shouldn’t be confused with the 1 GB RAM version.


The product was launched in July and it’s an 8 inch Windows 8.1 slate with 32 GB of flash storage. Originally, it was priced at $130, but it lost about $15 now. The screen offers a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution on an IPS panel and inside the slate there’s a quad core Intel Bay Trail T Z3735D CPU. Its battery is said to last over 8 hours on average and the standby time should be around 21 days.

WiFi, HDMI and OTG are also included in the mix. From what I’ve dug up from the web, the iWork8 has a separate charging port, so it frees up the USB port for devices and you won’t have to wait before connecting something. Finally, you should know that this unit has a plastic case, but reports say it’s solid.