The device you can see below is by no means real, but that doesn’t mean it’s still very cool. We’re dealing here with a concept of a tablet and laptop at the same time. This device was created by Jay Hyun Kim, who took the idea of a convertible tablet, like the one that Lenovo has and made it an elegant device, sort of an ultrabook, if you look at the sloped design.

That same slope allows the creation of a Sony Tablet S-like tablet, when the display is flipped and placed on top of the laptop part. So, we have a rotating display, a touch keyboard instead of the standard buttons and a nifty touchpad. On the left side of the device we find the power port, USB ports, the button that turns the tablet to laptop and viceversa and the volume buttons. Not sure if the touch keys are really needed for regular laptop input, considering the main display of the device can server that purpose just as well.

There seems to be a stylus in the mix as well, according to the designer, that would make this convertible tablet one for designers and people who draw professionally. With the proper weight and thickness this model could become real and even made by the likes of ASUS or Acer.