Anyone remember the Microsoft Surface multimedia table? Well, I sure do and this concept of Apple multimedia desk brings it all back in style. All you need to do in order to interact with this desk is place an iOS device upon it and make it sync with iTunes or sync via wireless with iTunes. This is a multitouch surface that allows the user to operate his computer in Magic Trackpad style.

You can use the entire surface of huge gadget, that doubles as a giant touchscreen. This device is called the iDesk and it’s a mere concept right now, one that I’m sure can be done, for a big price. Designer Adam Benton is the creator of this concept, a brilliant rendition of how our futures could look like. The iDesk is capable to run multiple apps at the same time and works as a calendar, phone, digital post it and replaces all your tools that are usually scattered on the desk.

Adobe tool palettes, Adobe files, Office files and tons of widgets will be all lined up and available at your fingerpoint. Imagine seeing the weather while, filling in an Excel table and checking out your email at the same time, while your iPad transfers its apps to the iDesk. Brilliant, right?