Computex 2016 is in full swing right now and it also included a series of new Windows 10 slates, like the one below. It’s actually a pretty interesting device, in the vein of the Surface Pro and its rivals. This model comes from Porsche Design and has a 2 in 1 format.


Microsoft was the one to showcase this product, together with OEM partners like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and MSI. Porsche Design is better known for the phone it coproduced with BlackBerry, rather than tablets. Interestingly, they worked with a “local OEM” for the 2 in 1 device you can see here. The result is a stylish tablet with Windows 10, Windows Hello 2.0, Cortana and brand new Inking Features, that will come with the Anniversary Update from this summer.

The unit sports a pen, a 13.3 inch screen and an Intel CPU, plus it’ll be available this winter, so there’s a lot of waiting to do. Windows Hello 2.0 involves new authentication methods, more than regular iris scanners, infrared cameras and fingerprint readers. For example, Microsoft has been developing a technology that lets users sign onto a Windows 10 PC by using the Bluetooth connection on a handset.