CES 20123 meant that Samsung and other companies could unveil a bunch of fresh goodies, such as the Galaxy Note 10.1 4G LTE pictured below. That was basically the only real novelty related to tablets that Sammy showed today. They also showed a camera with Android and a bunch of ultrabooks and notebooks, plus PCs and TVs.


We also found out that Samsung sold 30 million Galaxy S III units to date and as far as tablets go, the 4G LTE Galaxy Note 10.1 should be coming to Verizon next month. The product will have Android Jelly bean and the Samsung Premium Suite software. Other than that it keeps the 10.1 inch 1280 x 800 pixel display, S Pen with 1000+ levels of pressure, 2 GB of RAM, quad core Exynos CPU and potent front speakers. The South Koreans also upgraded the Series 9 laptops to Full HD and unveiled the Series 7 Chronos, with quad core, 15.6 inch Full HD screens and Dolby surround sound.

Samsung’s Series 7 Ultra was also detailed, with 8 hours of battery life, a 17 mm thick chassis and a 13.3 inch Full HD screen, plus your choice of Intel i5 or i7 processor. There was also a Series 7 touch monitor with optimization for Windows 8, among a ton of laptops, all optimized for the new OS. So far, a pretty poor CES for tablet lovers…