HP’s unnamed slate PC is getting lots of attention these days, after Steve Ballmer’s CES 2010 keynote, but the Microsoft main man also had with him another interesting device while being on stage. We’re talking about the Pegatron tablet, pictured below and available in a hands on video after the break.

This is also an unnamed product, but we know that the Pegatron slate packs a 11.6 inch touchscreen display, runs Windows 7 Home Premium and uses an Intel Atom CPU. Its specs list includes 1GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD, a webcam and support for HDMI connectivity.

The hands on experience revealed that the tablet is thin and light, fitting perfectly into the handset of the user. However, we also found out that Windows 7’s UI will need some tweaking, as far as finger control and input is concerned. Video of the device, available right here:

[via slashgear]