Galaxy Tab Coming to Russia, for $1,228

Samsung Russia has just confirmed that it'll be selling the Galaxy Tab slate locally starting today. The device goes for 36,990 rubles, which translates to $1,228, a tad pricey, even for...

Advent Vega Froyo Tablet With Tegra 2 on Board Gets Handled (Video)

Advent Vega was recently handled by SlashGear, who caught the device on camera in the video below, showcasing this Froyo slate's features. This is Tegra 2 material, with a 10 inch...

Samsung Gives You a Galaxy Tab Slate for Two Days, for Free

Samsung's got its promotion mode on, giving out Galaxy Tab units all over London, for free. The lucky users will get the device for about 48 hours, starting October 18th. The...

Samsung Galaxy Tab Going for 199 Pounds Subsidized; 599 Unlocked

Samsung hasn’t yet announced the release price for its Galaxy Tab slate, at least in the UK, where it'll debut on November 1st. Trade distributor Micro P has however some info...

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