Many tablets launched with Android over the past months have been plagued by the fact that they lack support for Android Market. Advent Vega is one of them and although this promising slate comes with Tegra 2 and has potential, the lack of apps will make it less appealing to the public. However, Android Market might be available once the Gingerbread update hits the device.

This is a mere speculation and in the meantime we learn that Electricpig tested the slate and questioned Advent’s product manager Adam Lockyer about it. Vega goes for 249 pounds and it’s available starting today, compensating its lack of support for Android Market with the Archos AppsLib store, complete with 5000 applications.

The 10 inch slate will possibly get Android Market in January, when Android 3.0 is supposed to already be available, according to Lockyer. See him discussing the product in the video below:

[via Engadget]