Aigo Android Tablet is an iPad Killer With Flash 10.1 Support?

We've previously informed you that Aigo was preparing two MIDs to launch on the market this year, but how about a cool tablet to rival the iPad? The device can be...

Aigo is Preparing two new Android MID/Tablets

Aigo is a famous name when it comes to MIDs, like the P8860 model and recently the Maemo-based N500, but what about tablets? Apparently, the company is now planning to join...

Aigo Introduces EB6301 e-Book Reader

Aigo has just launched its first e-book reader, the EB6301 model, pictured below. This device packs a 6 inch e-ink display, with a 600 x 800 pixels resolution and it supports...

Aigo walkshow N6500’s Design Gets Improved; Leaked Image to Prove it

We've just come across some leaked images of the upcoming Aigo walkshow N6500 MID, not quite the Windows XP device we were expecting, but certainly an improvement when compared to its...

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