If you’re a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet owner and you were hoping for a BB10 OS update for your device, as BlackBerry itself promised, well that won’t happen anymore. The CEO of the Canadian company, Thorsten Heins announced today that the slates won’t get the new platform.


The announcement came during the company’s Q1 earnings call and it appears that Heins is not happy with the “level of performance and user experience” of the BB 10 OS on the PlayBook. He did say that the company will continue to support PlayBook on the existing platform. Heins also claimed that the company he leads intends to only have about 6 products on the market at a certain point in time.

We’ve recently heard rumors about a BlackBerry phablet, so maybe that’s one of the 6? Anyway, since this announcement leaves BlackBerry with no BB 10 OS tablet, it would be about time that they started making a new one, right?