We’re convinced by now that the Bay Trail tablets are powerful pieces of gear, but in the video below we find even more proof related to that matter. Can you imagine devices like the Dell Venue 8 Pro and ASUS Transformer Book T100 powering a bunch of PC monitors? Well, here’s a case:


The folks of Plugable decided to see how capable is the Intel Atom Bay Trail processor when the device it runs on is connected to multiple screens. They decided to connect a tablet to a Plugable dock, that was connected to 4 separate monitors. They used a Dell Venue 8 Pro to perform the test and keep in mind that this slate doesn’t even have a video port or full size USB port, but using a micro USB OTG cable and a Plugable docking station they did it.

Said dock adds USB, Ethernet, DVI and HDMI ports and it’s priced at $129. Dell Venue 8 Pro runs a full version of Windows 8.1, so it can easily download all the needed drivers automatically and the setup is fast and painless. Most importantly this goes to show that the Intel Atom Bay Trail CPU is powerful enough to handle multiple screens at the same time.

And all of that with a $299 Dell slate…

  • Clive Mclean

    Nice! Real nice Dell. Really like the new Dell company. Met a disgruntled former dell employee two years ago that told me when dell repositioned as the everybody company some five years ago and left the stratosphere of the greedy apple and near greedy Microsoft and Samsung they took money out of sales people pocket. If that’s true there’s something wrong with us as human beings that line up to buy a product from one guy for $00.10 when a bunch a guys have a similar quality product for $00.04. You know what it is; most people are too lazy to do their own research so they go with what they’re told by the best marketer. Told their thinking….

  • Brianinatlanta

    What a great video. Great content. I hope you’ll continue showing how the dell will perform with excel, PowerPoint, and word open at the same time.