There’s a new viral on the web, one that involves a 5 year old whiz kid, that turns down a Sony tablet. That happened during the Jimmy Kimmel show, where whiz kid and trivia expert Arden Hayes was the 5 year old invited.

arden gif

He talked about Al Gore, geography and such and once he got the Sony Xperia Z tablet the kid dismissed it, saying he was planning to get an iPad for Christmas. This shows the current state of mind of many future shoppers, who are rubbing their paws in excitement as Black Friday approaches. They won’t get much of a price reduction for the Apple products, since Apple is not known for such generosity, but Android slates will become cheaper.

All the Sony tablets launched over the past years have been plagued with issues, from button problems to screen problems and from lack of waterproofing to WiFi bugs. That creates a negative image that’s hard to shake even for a 5 year old. Come on Sony get your act together!