After the Samsung Galaxy Note received its Android 4.0 ICS update all over the globe, it’s not time for the US version to get it. I’m talking about the AT&T one here, that gets it today together with a Premium Suite of Note features, that are focused on the stylus and its unique functions.

The Note has been a huge seller for Samsung in the past year, surpassing 7 million units so far. The people who saw Android 4.0 running on the Note claim that it’s a subtle update, but an useful one. You jump from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich and the OS change won’t be that huge. For starters you get that swiping multitasking system, the ability to use Android Beam by pressing the Galaxy Note onto another similar model and also face unlock. The Premium Suite is the real golden egg here, bringing a new S Note, S Memo and the brand new My Story app.

S Note allows you to import and annotate PDFs and also import and annotate S Memo files, photos and even maps. More templates are available and there’s a new feature called Shape Match, that allows the user to draw a diagram with the S Pen and the app will render the lines straight and convert sloppy drawings into straight lines.  Circles will also be closed. There’s even a Math feature that converts numbers for you and handles various formulae. Handwritting to text mode is available as well, but for more of that you may want to see CNET’s experience from here with the updated software.