Over the past weeks we’ve seen some ASUS-related leaks, but those involved ZenFone 6 prototypes, rather than tablets or laptops. Today we also uncover some extra details about potential future slates and laptops from the company.

ASUS has been fond of Chrome OS for a while now, expanding its lineup of Chromebooks steadily. Now it’s ready to also debut a Chrome OS tablet, which may arrive at CES 2019, according to sources. It won’t come alone, but rather accompanied by a few Chromebooks. We’ve seen Acer debuting the first Chrome OS tablet a while ago, followed by Google itself with its own Pixel Slate.

Sadly aside from the mentions of Roland Quandt, we have no idea of what to expect from the new ASUS products. What’s certain is that it’ll be at least 10 inches in diagonal and it’ll come at CES 2019. It’s expected to fight the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 on equal turf. One may expect this device to be tailored more for consumers and less for the education segment, like the Acer model did.

As far as the future ASUS Chromebooks are concerned, we keep hearing about Snapdragon CPUs getting put on such devices and this may well happen here. The battery life would be stunning and seeing how ASUS already has a close relationship to Qualcomm (ROG Phone highest clocked S845 and the Qualcomm boss always appears on stage during ZenFone events), you may see a move in that direction.

Not to mention that ASUS was the launch partner for Windows 10S Snapdragon devices. For now all we know is that the new ASUS Chromebooks are codenamed C434TA and C403.