ASUS chairman Jonney Shih recently announced in an interview that the company he runs is preparing a “secret weapon” against the iPad 2, without giving out specific details. All we know is that the launch is getting closer and we’re betting on MWC 2011 next week, to handle that.

What’s certain is that the new device won’t sport a 3D display, since the ASUS official mentioned that he doesn’t believe this trend will last long. Tegra 2 might be used on the new slate, since ASUS thinks highly of it, according to the executive, who also talked about cloud computing. Chrome OS was given as a bad example, as well as Windows, while Apple was used as the good example.

The really interesting thing is that this tablet is supposed to be launched with something unique, that no other rival possesses. Could it be a brand new user interface? Or maybe a projector?