You might remember the Moto Xoom Superbowl ad we showed you here. Well, that only proved to be a preview for the real Xoom ad, that you can see below. Although they tried to make something different from the 1984 Apple ad (shown at the end of the article), Moto kind of did the same thing. The concept stays the same: you’re all followers of a certain brand, we’re unique etc.

It’s only that this time it’s not the Mac against IBM, but rather Android and Motorola against Apple and its followers. The latter group is shown as people dressed in white, with hoodies and earbuds always in their ears. Proper description for an iPhone/iPod/iPad user?

So, in spite of saying that 2011 will be nothing like 1984, which is the motto of the ad, things are the same, only in brighter colors and better graphics. Where’s the catch, folks?