As you may know, among the producers who are launching hybrid devices between notebooks and tablets on the market we also have Asus, one of the biggest such producer in fact. After they launched the new Transformer Book devices with screen sizes ranging from 8.9 to 12.5 inch, it seems that this kind of products will continue to be developed in the future too.


According to a Focus Taiwan new report, Asus plans to bring more 2-in-1 device s on the market, most likely products from the Transformer Pad range. Also, Asus’s CEO, Jerry Shen, said that in spite of the actual PC industry that is seeing a low demand, such tablet-laptop hybrid devices should continue to grow, as people find more convenient to buy a device that does two things.

Beside Android versions of these Transformer Book devices, Asus is also offering Windows variants like the Book T100, product sold in 3 million units globally since its launch back in 2013. Would you find more accessible to have a single device that can be used in laptop mode too, or a standalone one?