Nexus 7 has started arriving on store shelves and ASUS and Google are starting to protect their baby. The first thing they approached is the camera issue, or better said the lack of camera. The guys of ASUS sent yesterday a Q and A note with answers related to the product, including the aspect of the lack of camera.

The reason why they decided to leave that out was the fact that “you’d say it sucks”. As you know, there’s not even a camera app on board of the slate, but there’s is a forward facing camera with some videocall apps available. ASUS also says that the price was a matter for leaving the camera out. Adding a high quality camera would have upped the price and a sucky camera wasn’t good enough for ASUS and Google. The compromise wasn’t accepted, so the Nexus 7 was born this way.

I say they’re totally right, not necessarily on the price thing, but rather on the complaints. I’m sick of seeing people taking pics and videos with their tablets, since they look ridiculous and don’t use the device to its full extent or purpose. The camera is an “added feature”, an extra” something you don’t actually need on a tablet. It’s placed there in case you see a comet, alien, car crash nearby… That’s it!

  • Tinkerer

    I do need a rear facing camera and not for taking a picture of an alien but when I take something apart and need to put it back togeather want a picture of different phases of taking it apart.

  • A camera on a tablet this size makes more sense than it does on a larger tablet.

  • Nexus 7 is a nice Android tablets.

  • eugoreez

    to me price comes first, camera come 2nd… for that price it’s easy to convince myself to buy it… put it at 300 for 8gb, i’ll to have to think twice before buying it… even if it has a camera.. so it is a right choice to leave the camera out

  • J Henkinson

    Exactly. Some people just don’t get it. Cameras on tablets aren’t (or shouldn’t be) all about taking breath-taking, stunningly beautiful photos. Try as they may, they will never, ever, out-perform high-end dedicated cameras. If you want pretty pictures, go and buy a camera. Integrated cameras on tablets are meant for convenience and casual work. Like the other day I went to a hospital, standing right in front of its map wishing my 7-inch tablet has a camera. For purposes like that, only cameras on tablets will do, because even if you have a dedicated camera, viewing a map on the small screen on its back isn’t really pleasant, and some cameras navigation can be awkward. And I don’t see many people around me go from place to place with a camera dangling around their necks  24/7 either. Some people do, but the majority don’t.

    And then someone would want to ask me “What about your phone? Who want to use a camera on tablet anyway, there’s the phone for that.” . Well, excuse me, but last I checked – in an article back in April or so if I remember correctly, it appears that half of US phone owners do not have a smartphone. And many of the so-called “dumb phones” aren’t equipped with cameras. Including mine. Given that is the case in the US, imagine how the phone landscape is world wide. Smartphones aren’t as widespread as people seem to think, so stop bringing up camera on phone as an excuse not to have camera on tablet.

  • Ice Water

    It would be nice to have a back camera to be able use apps like, barcode scanner, qr code scanner, and even depositing my paychecks…. I have a camera that takes beautiful photos but when I need app interface I have to pull out my phone. I would love to just keep my phone in my pocket in tether mode and use my nexus 7 for everything that I do on a daily basis ointendebnbbbbbb

  • Edgar Martinez

    Can someone give me nexus 7 email, I have a solution to the nexus 7 not having a rear camera. I want ato copy write my idea before saying. But I have the solution for it

  • I love the N7, it’s a wonderful device as is and properly priced as such. That said, if someone could develop a tiny cam that attaches to the device via micro USB, I would jump on it and my tab would be ideal. While on the subject perhaps some sort of HDMI-capable attachment would then make it absolutely perfect.