Apple and Samsung have been fighting over patents for about 2 years now and if this goes on, they’ll drag it on for another 10 years. However, Tim Cook was part of a meeting with Samsung executives on Monday, that might just end this feud once and for all. Top executives from the Asian company discussed with the Apple CEO and we can only hope they reached an understanding of some kind.

The meeting is a follow-up of a similar rendezvous with the Samsung CEO, Choi Gee-Sung, that Tim Cook had in May. There’s a big US trial between the two companies scheduled to take place on July 30th. For a brief time period this summer the Galaxy Nexus was banned in the USA, but the ban was lifted fast. It’s not yet clear if the first Android 4.0 phone will suffer from injunction or not. The Korea Times is reporting that the Samsung officials are very excited about the meetings, hoping to bring peace back between the companies.

The two are business partners after all, with Samsung providing Apple with $7.8 billion in parts for 2012 products alone. This means they’re vital for each other and still they fight… can’t really understand that. Some people have been speculating that Apple is actually suing Samsung in order to get better deal and cheaper prices on components. Isn’t that blackmail?