The New iPad has been on the market for two weeks and now it’s time for the initial public reactions to come in. A March 22 – 28 survey of 200 new owners of the tablet detailed their impressions on the new device and overall satisfaction, plus key dislikes and likes.

ChangeWave Research is responsible with this study and it appears that user satisfaction with the new iPad is higher than the previous gen tablet, since four out of five new iPad owners (82%) said that they are Very Satisfied with the slate. Another 16% said that they’re somewhat satisfied. 74% of the iPad 2 buyers said they were happy with the product when it launched, so the evolution is clear. The top likes and dislikes chart shows an interesting picture of the iPad 3 appreciation.

The likes have on the first place, with 75% the high resolution Retina Display, followed by the long battery life, with 22% and 4G LTE compatibility with 21%. On the dislikes list we find the cost of the new iPad, with 26%, the cost of wireless data plan, with 23% and the size/weight with 8%, although you can’t really feel that since you’re  not a human scale, are you? Asked about the overheating issue, 89% of the buyers said they never experience it, while 7% said that it’s not much of a problem and 4% said it’s somewhat of a problem, so be cool, the issue is not that serious and it’s most likely isolated.