After some rumors about working on a 3D holographic interface, Apple is now said to be working on a glasses-free 3D display for future iDevices. The info comes from a report published in Taiwan and also claiming that Apple is working on this project with long time partner and supplier TPK.


The rumor arrives, just as TPK tries to raise $3 billion and prepare for Apple’s future orders. Back to the publication, Apple is rumored to be building an ecosystem of 3D hardware and software and the current in cell touch technology from the iPhone 6 screens is not suited for 3D action. This means new touch sensors designs are being developed. I’ll remind you that Apple also bought Israeli firm PrimeSense, a chipmaker that dabbles in 3D sensors.

TPK has been providing Apple with touch modules for a long time, so they’re also involved in this initiative. Special silver nanowire mesh modules from the company are rumored to come with the Apple Watch. I wonder which technology will come first to iDevices: 3D screens or holographic interfaces?