The Korea Times has an interesting story, telling us that Samsung and LG are considered as candidates for making the display of the iPad 3. It appears that Apple is already testing solutions from both companies, in order to decide which screen to use. They aim at producing a display with a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution.

Also, the new panel will provide 4:3 aspect ratio and full HD viewing experience. Back in January there were already theories about such a display, coming from DigiTimes and research firm IDC, claiming that the next-gen iPad will get a high-res screen. Korea Times bases its info on inside sources, that are close to the deal between Apple and Samsung/LG.

The new panels are being tested right now in laboratories in China and we’re curios if Samsung and LG will share the glory of if only one of them will get the change to work with Apple on the iPad 3. Some say the new iPad will get the equivalent of a Retina Display, while other hint at Super AMOLED Plus technology. Which one will it be?

  • Deian Stancu

    It’s not going to happen.
    2048×1536 means a lot of pixels to move on screen. Even if they implement Pixel independence, and use points, the Ipad will need more than double the video power to move that amount of data on display.
    Apple A6 is going to be developed by TSMC, but it won’t get out this year.
    With same CPU+GPU power and double the resolution, the interface will lag worse than Android Honeycomb, I think Jobs won’t be pleased, at least while he’s alive and CEO.
    And RAM must be doubled, at least, if not tripled, for games and 3d content.
    If this Ipad gets out this year, Apple are idiots and deserve to die, it’s no fair play to launch in March a tablet, milk money from customers, then after only 6 months, milk them again. Because this Ipad 2 that is on the market will become obsolete and manufacturer will stop making it.

    I don’t get it, Apple makes a shitload of money from Ipad 2, judging by curvature of sale, it’s the milking cow point, launching another product from same category, will kill the sales and leave buyers in mist, the ones that ordered and still waiting for their Ipad will be furious…

  • JPN

    I’m guessing Deian recently bought an IPAD 2…