Since Samsung and Apple are battling in the courtroom on account of some copied products, it might be wise to stay away from anything that looks like an Apple clone. Well, Samsung doesn’t seem to care, as their Galaxy Tab 10.1 recently received an accessory that’s a total ripoff of Apple’s Smart Cover.

I’m talking about Anymode’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 case pictured above. What’s worse for Samsung, the company is tied to Anymode… It appears that Sang-yong Kim, the CEO of Anymode is the nephew of Kun-Hee Lee, Samsung’s chairman. Even the name of the Anymode product is a ripoff: Smart Case and that only because Apple trademarked “Smart Cover”.

You also get five pastel color choices for the Galaxy Tab gear, used to support a tablet, as it stands upwards. Also, the Anymode accessory can fold exactly like the Apple Smart cover. Considering the “Designed for Samsung Mobile” image below, we could expect a lawsuit from Apple any minute now, only adding to the list of complaints against Sammy.