Since Samsung and Apple are battling in the courtroom on account of some copied products, it might be wise to stay away from anything that looks like an Apple clone. Well, Samsung doesn’t seem to care, as their Galaxy Tab 10.1 recently received an accessory that’s a total ripoff of Apple’s Smart Cover.

I’m talking about Anymode’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 case pictured above. What’s worse for Samsung, the company is tied to Anymode… It appears that Sang-yong Kim, the CEO of Anymode is the nephew of Kun-Hee Lee, Samsung’s chairman. Even the name of the Anymode product is a ripoff: Smart Case and that only because Apple trademarked “Smart Cover”.

You also get five pastel color choices for the Galaxy Tab gear, used to support a tablet, as it stands upwards. Also, the Anymode accessory can fold exactly like the Apple Smart cover. Considering the “Designed for Samsung Mobile” image below, we could expect a lawsuit from Apple any minute now, only adding to the list of complaints against Sammy.

  • Chinese and Asian people copy whole cities, and even our wine, same taste same bottle.
    It’s not unusual …

    Told everybody that Samsung is an Apple clone, nobody listened, they laughed at me. My Galaxy S looks 90% like Iphone 3G/3GS, nobody seemed to realize, until Apple sued their love mate Samsung, maybe for profit, they were unsatisfied with sales, or saw Samsung rise too much, it became a threat?

  • Han

    I think Apple invented the volume rocker too. Let’s call every device with a volume rocker a ripoff.

  • Deian Stancu

    you must be an Apple fan, like one that gave a kidney to buy an Ipad….
    Apple did not invent the SmartCover, they designed it, but looking at the two products, and seeing that Smartcover got out in March, and this Samsung cover in July, it is no secret that Samsung copied Apple, again…

    If Samsung designed a cover for their product, they should have done an original concept, not copying somebody else…. Simple as that.

  • Han

    Haha. I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with an ACase, which is pretty good for the most part.

    Anyway, sure these “Anycase” things look like Apple’s, but let’s step back for a second… it’s just a case! As a side note, why didn’t Motorola sue Apple for stealing the “auto-turn on” idea that they had with their car dashboard things for the Droid phones?