We’ve seen all kinds of iPad cases till now, but never one focused on video and photo editing features. Meet the Padcaster, that can turn your iPad into a mobile production studio and this is a product designed for DSLR passionates, journalists, video editors and other people in this business. This accessory offers an intuitive and still professional way to edit video content on the iPad.

You can handle storyboarding, editing and shooting, plus sharing, everything via this case. When the iPad is paired with the Padcaster is can become an on-set monitor, teleprompter, film slate and even portable light source. Padcaster offers an aluminium frame for extra resilience and an urethane insert to firmly hold the iPad into place. The accessory has threaded holes in the edges of the frame, to which users can attach external microphones, lights and other accessories.

Also in the mix there’s a standard 1/4-2- screw thread and locking-pin, used to connect the iPad to a professional tripod, or even a should mount or monopod. Lenscaster is a separate accessory, that will attach to the Padcaster and allow users to shoot footage on the iPad using a powerful lens. Extra lenses can be attached to the Lenscaster, creating a wider field of view. If you want prices, the Padcaster will come in early August, with a $199 price tag and the Lenscaster will go for $59.