The launch of Apple’s tablet is now hinted by the Sydney Morning Herald in their article over here, where they detail Apple’s talks with media companies and the evolution of the launch process. Everything we have right now are speculations, rumours and various partners of the Cupertino giant, saying they’ve been approached to provide content for the new device.


Said tablet is expected to be a bigger iPhone, but still small enough to carry in handbag, however too big for your pocket. Of course, it’ll sport a touchscren and allow its users to read newspapers, watch movies, read books and surf the web. New York Times executive editor Bill Keller has recently let some info slip during an official meeting with NY Times digital staff, mentioned the name of the future product, Apple Slate, although this is not 100% confirmed.

Meanwhile, Apple is working with music studios, trying to develop a new format for iTunes, meant to pack albums so that they’ll include notes, ringtones, music video, artwork and more, aside from audio tracks. We’re really curious to see if the Apple Tablet will hit the market before Christmas time, a crucial point of the year, as far as sales are concerned.

[via Sydney Morning Herald]