A recent study published by Retrevo shows that Mac users are willing to pay more for an Apple tablet than PC users. This info may seem a bit useless, specially since the device is yet to be announced, confirmed or specced. If you’re into numbers, 68% of respondents claimed that they’ll pay over $600 for the tablet, while a mere 36% PC owners said the same.


One shouldn’t be puzzled by the generosity of the Mac owners, since statistics have shown that they’re people with high incomes, plus they own and use more than one device. Apple has surely seen this study, so they might capitalize on the public’s desire for its new gadget and charge more than the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook.

The problem is that the Cupertino brains should rush to launch the product, since the studies have shown that 37% of Mac owners already own or intend to buy a netbook in 2009.

[via mashable]