Apple is taking things up a notch when it comes to the offensive against Samsung, so they sent a takedown letter to retailers that sell both the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. As you know these products faced a ban in the USA and had to be stopped from the sale channels, after being found as infringing several Apple patents.

Samsung is saying that several sellers got the letters ordering them to stop selling the two devices in late June/early July. That was before the Galaxy Nexus ban was lifted. Apparently, the injunction applies to both the Samsung devices and to the retailers working with them. I think it’s kind of bullish to threaten the retailers to stop selling products, since after all they have no fault and they don’t actually prefer one company versus the other. They have contracts with Samsung and must sell their products… with or without bans.

Sammy considers the letters as threatening and I guess that some retailers must’ve thought twice before selling the Samsung products after receiving the letters. Although the ban of the Galaxy Nexus was temporary, it was the feeling that remained, that the retailers were doing something wrong by selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the latest Nexus phone.

  • Heruscustost

    Greedy Apple, you who overcharged the consumers for years and sold millions of tablets, phones and mp3 players grossly overpriced, I guess the heat is on now and you are feeling the pressure you fake capitalist Rat. Is there not room for everyone on this playground? So it has to be just you, selling millions of your wares to gov. agencies, schools, special education and attempting to hog the college textbook deal…so there is only room for you eh. Maybe you will go the way o another greedy rat called EA in the game industry, maybe you will sick your customers to the stomach with your greed that they turn their backs on your greedy rotten ratty ass. Never enough?

  • 1stkorean

    This just goes to show how scared apple is of Samsung and its superior products.  It is common knowledge apple sales inferior products at the expense of poor children commiting suicide for something they will never be able to afford because of the pennies they are paid to make all this iCrap.

    That dead guy jobs was afraid of Samsung and so is that dead guy cook.

    Samsung Rocks!

  • Archie5k

    go2 Samsung..i never support apple because they are full of greed and hatred..that greed has become a cancer and already kill stevie but still they are not realizing it…that is the punishment from God for greedy people.. i don’t want any apple product even if they give me for free…