While we’re not churning out pessimistic stats about the future of tablets, we get some interesting figures from Strategy Analytics, concerning the current market shares within the segment. Turns out that white box vendors combined shipped 13.3 million tablets in Q1 2016.


Those are worth almost $750 million and in the meantime Microsoft moved 1.1 million models, with a $950 million revenue, on account of higher prices. Meanwhile, in the same first quarter, Android tablets stood at 64% of all shipments, but only got 41% of the revenue, because of the lower prices of the products.

Apple took 39% of all revenues, almost double compared to its market share of 22%. Microsoft remains the biggest winner, that started off with a timid approach courtesy of the Surface models, but ended as one of the companies that will restart the whole segment. We’re talking about the 2 in 1 models being the lifeline of the whole tablet segment and allowing them to survive and even grow a bit.

Overall, the market may be down or stagnating, but a turnaround is expected in 2018.