And here’s your daily dose of iPad Mini-related rumors, this time focused on the place of production of the latest Apple slate. I’m talking about the iPad Mini, the 7.85 tablet that everyone is talking about. Rumors say that the production might start in September and that the device might get made in Brazil.

As you know, Apple has a factory in Brazil and the latest reports say that the iPad Mini will be made there, in spite of some production tests happening right now in China. The same sources mention that the new iPad will hit the market in time for the holiday season and that it will be thinner than the slimmest 7 inch Android tablet on the market. Also, there will be a 3G version of the iPad Mini and if you want a comparison to the Nexus 7, the iPad Mini will have the same height, but it will be a bit wider.

No idea if there will be a quad core CPU inside the device or not, so one can only speculate on that matter at the moment. It would also be interesting to find out if the iPad Mini will get a Retina Display or not and what kind of battery it will have. Any ideas?