Seriously now, the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro may be some of the most criticized Apple products in recent years. The folks of Taiwanese Animators did a parody video, that you can watch below and while some of the humor is crude, some of the things depicted there are pretty much true.

jobs tim cook

First of all we see Steve Jobs rolling in his grave, on account of the stylus unveiling. He’s the one who kept repeating that we don’t need a stylus and during the first iPhone unveiling he said that the human finger is the best stylus. He kept the same stance throughout the years and would have probably fought Tim Cook on the idea if he was alive.

Then the iPad Pro is shown as a Surface Pro ripoff, after Tim Cook visits a Microsoft Store in the same parody video. That’s yet another product that could have made Steve Jobs unhappy and it’s no wonder he’s beating down Cook with a bigger Apple Pencil and impaling him with it. The iPad Pro doesn’t have a very clear selling point, since it doesn’t do anything extra special compared to its competition. Is it prettier? Maybe, but that alone isn’t worth the price tag.

In the end the video remembers to also attack the Apple Watch and casually mention 3D Touch. Would Steve Jobs have caved in to the stylus pressure?