The past months haven’t been very kind to the Nvidia Shield Tablet, that got a bit of bad press once some units registered battery overheating issues, that may have lead them to explode. A replacement program was put in place and the storm passed. Today, if you’re the owner of such a slate, you should know there’s an update coming.


The tablet gets update 3.1.1, that includes a security patch for Stagefright, as well as stability and performance improvements. System optimizations and fixes are also included, as well as battery performance upgrades and improvements brought to the Netflix playback. The Shield wireless controller gets its own firmware update, thanks to this software package.

The update is available on both WiFi and cellular models. It’s been a while since the last software release for the Nvidia tablet, that came at the end of July. In case you’re tempted to buy the Shield Tablet, know that it’s priced at $550 on Amazon, but I’m sure you can find better deals for the Tegra K1-based slate.