Apple has promised to offer refunds to the owner of New iPad units in Australia frustrated by the lack of LTE support for the device, although the device was advertised with 4G. Well, as you may know, 4G is not exactly LTE, so for example there are many “4G” handsets in the USA that in fact offer HSPA+. Now, the 4G branded iPad was attacked by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, saying that buyers would be confused by the “iPad WiFi + 4G” branding.

Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Apple has agreed to a workaround and will erect signs at retailers, explaining 4G limitations. Apple will have to email every 4G iPad buyer and explain the issue and lack of actual LTE support. A refund will also be mentioned if the customer is disappointed by the wireless limitations. They will have to mention that the tablets are not compatible with current Australian 4G LTE networks or WiMax networks, that pretty much sucks for customers and Apple.

This fact, the lack of 4G LTE/WiMAX support will be displayed on a big old poster next to the tablets sold in Australian shops. In Australia, LTE network carrier Telstra relies on the 1800 MHz band and not the 800 MHz or 2100 MHz bands used by AT&T, for example. Rival carrier with 4G Vivid wireless uses WiMAX… Apple and the Australian authorities will meet and discuss on April 18, with a trial date of May 2nd. That’s when we’ll know the final measures.