Well, it seems things are progressing nicely for the Apple tablet, with the iPad having 75k apps at the end of March and now reaching 100k already. Reaching this huge number in a bit over 12 months is a huge surprise, especially with the choice the developers had, considering the big number of Android slates.

This is certainly a new record: 100,000 iPad-exclusive apps in only 453 days since the launch of the first Apple tablet. Some may say that the iPad’s evolution in the app world was pushed by the success of the iPhone. We remind you that the first iPhone came without an SDK in 2007 and now it’s one of the most loved platform by developers.

Also, the App Store dates from back in 2008 and it’s already reached 10 billion downloads, celebrated weeks ago. This worked out so well, that Apple even decided to port he success to the OS X world and created the Mac App Store. iCloud is coming this fall and automatic downloads are set to take off, so expect major syncing between present and future devices.

In the end congratulations are in order, both for developers and Apple so kudos to you all!