The Apple iPad 3 and iPhone 5 are supposedly ready for assembly, according to the components suppliers that Apple is working with. The materials are being prepared for the big day and DigiTimes is reporting that we could see an unveiling of the fifth-gen iPhone and third gen iPad in September.

October could be the launch time frame, while other details remain mysterious. What has managed to leak out is that the next iPad will be thinner and lighter than the iPad 2 and it could include a 250 dpi display. The Cupertino giant is supposed to start production of the iPhone 5 in August, increasing it in September.

The expected volume of supply will reach about 24-25 million units in Q3 and 6-7 million of them will stand for the new iPhone. The total iPhone volume for this year might be around 85 million units, while the iPad will break the 40 million mark.