Even if right now, Apple’s fans are waiting the launch of the new iPhone 6, a device that will bring in the package a bigger display, more precisely a 4.7-inch one, it seems that those users who find iPad a better choice aren’t left on the side. Recently, a couple of live photos with the iPad’s Air 2 back cover showed up online in high resolution.


As you can see, in these new pics we notice the back cover that can offer an idea on how the iPad Air 2 will look like once launched on the market. Among the main specs of this slate we could have an Apple A8 chip and a Touch ID scanner, a component that was brought initially on the iPhone 5s smartphone that is the current high-end phone of the company.



Among a new 9.7-inch iPad tablet and a 7.9-inch Mini one, is expected that Apple to launch a Pro version too, device that will offer a 12.9-inch resolution . While the first two tablets mentioned above could be announced at the end of this year, the Pro version may be launched in the first months of next year.