If you like the graphics of the Mali 400 MP GPU, associated with the Exynos CPU on the Galaxy S III, now imagine the next level of graphics. That will be granted by the Mali T604 new GPU, that was recently demoed on a next gen processor presentation. The reference device from the showcasing operated in sync with unnamed hardware, protected in a big sealed box.

Clock speed, manufacturer and fabrication size remained mysteries. What’s certain here is that we have a quad core Mali T 604 chip and dual core ARM Cortex A15 processor with a fabrication size “in the range of 28 to 40 nm”. There were demos done, like Timbuktu 2, that shows elements such as shadowing and depth of field with OpenGL ES 3.0 and Hauntheim, with a look at physics simulation and HDR lighting with OpenCL. Enlightened shows silky smooth rendering with real time illumination.

The T604-equipped devices could debut next year and ARM is saying that 8 manufacturers will get the licensed tech to market around Q3. For the sake of accuracy, this is the Exynos 5 dual chip with up to 1.7 GHz in frequency, showing what Samsung may be preparing for the future.