Apple just received 7 new design patents, granted in Hong Kong and related to the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, as well as iOS 9 iconography and more products. They relate particularly to accessories and animated GUI elements.


The Apple iOS 9 Apple News application icon is on the list, as well as animated GUI elements and the rest of 5 patents have to do with the Smart Keyboard design. These 5 add to the two patents granted by the same Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office for the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard in June. This product, available for both the 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch Pro tablets offers very comfy QWERTY input and an easily unfoldable design.


iOS 9 (and iOS 10 soon) work with the Smart Keyboard seamlessly, with QuickType support included. The Smart Connector transfers data and power between the iPad pro and Smart Keyboard so there’s no need for batteries or charging. A special conductive fabric was also created, letting the two way flow of power and data take place on the device.

Keys have a special design, so they won’t trap crumbs of hardened coffee.