While this year may not bring us a new Surface Book or Surface Pro model, 2017 will, so it’s time to get to know the future products, as the end of the year is approaching. The official Surface Instagram account posted the picture above a few hours ago and some say it may be a teaser related to the Microsoft Surface Book 2 hinge.


You can clearly tell it’s a Surface Book keyboard in there, judging by the design and layout of keys. The hinge has been changed from the current Surface Book, although it kind of was its distinctive factor. The picture was taken from Surface Book 2 marketing material, a certain “sizzler” reel, that’s meant to showcase the features of the device.

That mystery video has been shown to a variety of Microsoft employees and officials since July. Recent rumors and reports all say that the Surface Book 2 may feature a different hinge mechanism and design compared to the first model and it’ll lack the gap of the Surface Book. A new gen Intel Kaby Lake CPU should be on board and we’re also going to get a Surface AIO in the series.

Expect a launch together with Windows 10 Redstone 2 next year.