Apple officially announced the CarPlay system today, an in car system that connects your iPhone to the car’s dashboard. It allows you to enjoy music, get traffic conditions info and even make phone calls.


We’ve previously heard rumors that Apple was preparing an “iOS in the Car” initiative, that was supposed to come alive at the Geneva International Motor Show this week. CarPlay is focused on 3 main areas: communications, navigation and entertainment. If you pair an iPhone to the car using CarPlay, you’ll be able to receive and make phone calls, get texts and use Maps, plus access iTunes.


Apple is also focused on safe driving and they integrated a dedicated push and hold voice control button on the steering wheel. Thanks to that, drivers will be able to activate Siri for a distraction free driving. Siri will read your texts and give you turn by turn voice directions. The CarPlay implementation will be showcased by Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo at Geneva.