We’ve heard from Digitimes that companies who are making 12 inch tablets are having a hard time right now, but is this worse than we expected? Apple are said to have canceled their iPad Pro, the 12.9 inch tablet that has been the topic of rumors for a year now.


Apple is said to have given up on the project, because a large size tablet project won’t get enough support from platform developers and ecosystems. The decision to give up on the larger iPad comes just as Samsung is launching their own Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 and also pushing the Note Pro 12.2 with a ton of advertisement.

Apple may also have decided to sit back and see how the competition is doing before plunging into this segment. If the others fail, there’s no reason to go ahead with the iPad Pro… for now. Apple was said to be planning two version of the iPad Pro, a 2K display one and a 4K display model. The Pro was also said to borrow some elements from the Microsoft Surface, especially the keyboard part…