Amazon is said to have sent out an urgent safety warning to millions of its customers, letting them know about the potential danger of electric shocks caused by chargers for the Kindle Fire tablets. Amazon claims that it’s going to replace the wall plugs for the devices.


The big retailer has found that they may create a risk of electrical shock. Faults have been found to affect two models of the best selling Kindle Fire, including one meant for kids. The UK Fire Kids Edition 7 incher is among those considered a hazard. When the tablet is pulled from the socket, the adapter assembly may detach and create a risk of electrical shock, apparently.


Amazon offers chargers for free and advises parents to stop the little ones from using the adapter that came with the slate. Faulty chargers will be sent back and the issue seems to affect units from UK and Ireland sold from September 2015. Meanwhile, the USB cable that connects the charger to the tablet is safe to use.

Many parents bought the device as a Christmas present and are horrified about the problem now.