Acer’s CEO recently stepped down, because of some disagreements when it came to product development. The company has been having a very tough year in 2010, as the netbook sales dropped because of the tablets’ increase in popularity. Acer now wants to follow the business model of Apple and HTC, if some rumors we’ve just heard are to be believed.

Corporate restructuring is the way to go, according to chairman JT Wang, who will take the spot of CEO, as Gianfranco Lanci leaves this position. The new global president will be appointed at the end of April, according to DigiTimes. JT Wang will be in charge of global marketing, finance, personnel, as for the president he’ll handle product design, logistics and innovation.

Acer is also set for a buy back of NT$68.8 billion in stock shares. This process will take place from April 1 to May 31.