The folks of have a very interesting article regarding the perfect way of finding your ideal Android tablet apps. While Android still lags behind iOS when it comes to the tablet experience and the number of slate-optimized apps, there’s a slight improvement compared to the past years.


The iPad users already get over 375k applications right at their fingertips, but if you own an Android tablet, the task of finding an app may be pretty difficult. Well, among the first pieces of advice is to check out the section “Featured apps for tablets”, that will give you a good idea or two on what to download. There’s also Staff Picks for Tablet and another thing to remember is the way you search for apps.


Usually typing the app’s name and “tablet” or “HD” next to it will d the trick. Finally, if you’ve found the app of your dreams, but you can’t really tell if it forces you to use a portrait orientation, since it’s a phone app, the screenshots are usually a good way to tell. Finally, there are special apps that find slate apps for you, such as Tablified Market.

And finally there’s the review sites and app sites, that give you hints.