There are prodigies who can play incredible piano at young ages, other who can sing heavenly and some who are very good at computing early on. Usually such wonderkids are aged 8 or 10 or so, but today a 5 year old managed to become a qualified Microsoft Windows specialist.


Ayan Qureshi has become the world’s youngest qualified computer specialist, after passing the required Microsoft Windows exam. The test was passed at the Birmingham City University and now the schoolboy has become a Microsoft Certified Professional. Ayan set a new record for the youngest person to pass the exam, but he only beat the record by a bit, since the previous record holder was a 6 year old from Pakistan.


Ayan entered the world of computers at age three, when his father, Asim showed him what computing is about. He then noticed the little fellow had a passion and a gift when it came to IT. He then built a computer lab for his son at the family’s home in Coventry and prepared Ayan for the Microsoft test. The 5 year old passed the 2 hour exam in September and even finished earlier than expected, competing in a room filled with adults also taking the test.

However, Ayan can’t work for 8 years, since the law says children over 13 can work for 12 hours a week and that’s it. Quite a prodigy, I have to say…