For those of you rushed and drastic enough to start judging Microsoft for the Surface Pro tablet, we have a recommendation: leave them be for a bit and listen to this! Turns out that the 128 GB version of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet has about the same storage space as the 128 GB MacBook Air.


Previously BGR reported that in their review of the 128 GB MS slate about 85.3 GB of actual free space was available, which is a decent amount, compared to the around 20 GB available on the 64 GB Surface Pro. A new analysis from ZDNet’s Ed Bott showed that you can even get to more space by using the built in Recovery Media Creator and copy the contents of the large Windows 8 Recovery partition to a USB flash drive. The result is 8 GB of freed space, that leads you very close to the 92.2 GB that a MacBook Air offers in its 128 GB version.

Of course, complaining about a product and then saying that others do it the same is not a solution, but still, at least we’ve learned something new about storage today. This still doesn’t solve the problem of the 64 GB Surface Pro though…