Xiaomi has been patenting foldable phones for over a year now and they’ve yet to crack the segment. One more patent pops up today and it looks rather familiar. This newcomer is an out folding machine, that resembles the Huawei Mate Xs quite a bit. Let’s check it out!

I’ll remind you that Xiaomi demoed a tri fold foldable phone in early 2019 and that one has yet to come out. Their newcomer seems to resemble the Huawei Mate Xs, with an outfolding approach that leaves the large screen outside and doesn’t neither an internal screen, nor a smaller secondary one. Once you close the phone you end up with one screen on either side of the phone. The thickest part of the device also includes a multitude o camera sensor and the core components.

That’s where the folding part of the screen “hooks up” after being closed. Even the way the two bits of the screen are united resemble the Mate Xs. This patent was filed in China with the local authority CNIPA and it was published today, June 5th. It includes 19 product images, showing a previously unseen Xiaomi foldable phone. The facade is almost edge to edge and there are 4 cameras at the back and a flash. A big oval button has been placed below the camera system, used to control the closure of the screen most likely, with a clicking mechanism.

We also see an USB-C port at the bottom and a speaker, plus the usual Power and volume buttons on the side. There were rumors that Xiaomi was going to launch a foldable Mi Mix 4, so this may just be it. However, I think it’s way too similar to the Mate XS and it lacks a clear selling point. Only a $999 price can save it.